Storytelling Skills Training Materials…

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Storytelling Skills Training Materials and Videos

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Training materials for trainers, coaches and consultants. Also suitable for learners interested in a course on the subject of storytelling.

Bundle includes workshop training guides, resources, workbooks, quizzes and video series.

Next Level Storytelling: How to Create, Write and Tell Stories That Impact and Engage Your Audience Each and Every Time

Whether you need someone to support your organization, get behind your idea, or get excited about following your lead, refining your storytelling skills can help. In this online course, you’ll learn how to shape your idea into a story. You’ll create a story brief, iterate and evolve your story through prototyping and gathering feedback, and hone your tone and style. Get storytelling tips from IDEO practitioners and gain tools and techniques that will help you bring your vision to life and create stories that influence and inspire.

Course Outcomes
  • Gain a framework that will help you develop and hone your story.
  • Understand your audience, their needs, and what you’re trying to achieve with your big idea.
  • Create a prototype of your story that will help you shape it, share it with others, and make it more powerful.
  • Increase your ability to engage and inspire others through the development of tone and style.
  • Craft a story that brings your vision to life and motivates others toward action.
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