Presentation Skills


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This training program is all about getting to know yourself as a presenter. Many people have very limiting beliefs about presentations and their own abilities to give one.  Examining your skills, fears, and preferences is your first step in opening yourself up to reaching your full potential as a presenter.

What Makes a Successful Presentation

We begin this “self”-focused chapter by considering what you think makes a successful speech or presentation. Here we look at who you might consider to be great and/or successful speakers while examining the role of the audience in making a good speech happen.

From there we delve more deeply into the dimensions of self such as self-awareness around your values, perceptions, and presentation strengths and weaknesses.

Your voice is a powerful communication tool, and how you use it can make or break your presentation. You will learn about how you use verbal elements of presentation by examining techniques like pitch, volume, and pronunciation among others.

Your non-verbal cues like gestures, facial expressions, and posture can punctuate and strengthen your message or do the opposite. You will learn about these non-verbal elements and have a chance to see how you use them in conjunction with your verbal cues by recording and examining a pre-selected speech or presentation.

After combining all of these elements, you will have a better understanding of who you are as a presenter and what you can bring to the table to develop your presentation strategy…


Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to

  • recognize the value of self-awareness in the delivery of effective presentations,
  • describe the function of active listening and feedback in verbal communication,
  • describe verbal techniques used to support professional presentations, and
  • describe non-verbal techniques used to support professional presentations.

What Makes a Successful Presentation



The course kit includes:

  • Learner’s handbook and trainer’s guide
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Activities and exercises
  • Quizzes with solutions
  • Videos
  • eLearning files
  • Additional resources

The eLearning Version

The e-learning course materials are intended for use by people that want to make e-learning an additional part of their learning and development offering.

The e-learning is very flexible and can be added to an organisation’s intranet or learning management system, ready to be used by their employees. The benefits are huge, and you only ever pay once for the package making it extremely cost effective.