How To Be More Organized & Efficient


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Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour throughout the day looking for things you can’t find. And that’s just one day! Imagine how much time you’re losing each week, each month, and each year!

Many people struggle with disorganization. And, while some think they can succeed amidst the chaos, this disorganization can end up costing a high price. Disorganization can hold us back from getting the promotion we’ve always wanted. It can block our creativity, add stress to our lives, and prevent us from being as productive and effective as we could be.


Organizational skills training can benefit an individual personally and professionally by teaching him to use his time more efficiently and streamline his daily workflow. These skills benefit businesses too, as course graduates learn to use office tools, such as email, voicemail and the Internet, more effectively and professionally. An organized employee builds trust with customers and coworkers, and projects an air of professionalism in his demeanor. An organized workspace reduces stress and anxiety at work. Employees can manage everyday duties more efficiently and cope with the unexpected in a professional manner.

Key Instructional Elements

Those attending training courses will learn efficiency through a variety of key instructional elements. Students learn about various electronic and paper calendar systems as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. They learn strategies to mitigate clutter in the workspace and personal spaces, and to recognize the barriers to successful organizing. Instructors teach participants numerous prioritization techniques and the basics of effective goal-setting. An organized and efficient person is more likely to set and meet personal and professional goals.



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The course kit includes:

  • Learner’s handbook and trainer’s guide
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Activities and exercises
  • Quizzes with solutions
  • eLearning files
  • Additional resources

The eLearning Version

The e-learning course materials are intended for use by people that want to make e-learning an additional part of their learning and development offering.

The e-learning is very flexible and can be added to an organisation’s intranet or learning management system, ready to be used by their employees. The benefits are huge, and you only ever pay once for the package making it extremely cost effective.