Human Resources Management


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This excellent programme is designed to familiarise participants with  the very latest thinking on, and best practice in, Human Resource Management. This programme places HRM right at the heart of organisational management in a rapidly changing, ever more complex, and increasingly global marketplace. It is aimed at those who have been given, or who are about to be given, operational responsibility for aspects of HRM and those who wish to progress into a career in HRM. It is also aimed at those who are stimulated by the growing recognition of the strategic significance of HRM in the modern organisation and those who wish to use the programme as a launch-pad for further studies in HRM in due course.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The course provides a very effective practical overview of the latest thinking and case developments in HRM in order to provide both a conceptual and practical basis for student
learning. It also encourages students to draw on their own experiences, and from their knowledge of the business world around them, to develop a clear understanding and practical working knowledge of what HRM in the modern organisation involves.

On completion of the programme students should have acquired the skills to:

  • appreciate the strategic and operational significance of modern HRM
  • be equipped with a highly relevant and useful theoretical framework for the development and evaluation of HRM concepts, strategies, policies, principles, and practices (allied to a thorough grasp of the operational details of HRM best practice).

The course kit includes:

  • Learner’s handbook and trainer’s guide
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Activities and exercises
  • Quizzes with solutions
  • Videos
  • eLearning files
  • Additional resources

The eLearning Version

The e-learning course materials are intended for use by people that want to make e-learning an additional part of their learning and development offering.

The e-learning is very flexible and can be added to an organisation’s intranet or learning management system, ready to be used by their employees. The benefits are huge, and you only ever pay once for the package making it extremely cost effective.



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