Business Training Bundle (Mini MBA Program)

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BUNDLE INCLUDES VIDEO BASED COURSES (+ surprise bonus package)

MBA Business Basics Course:

This programme is designed to give the student an understanding of the practical skills necessary for success in a fast-paced dynamic business environment. The broad philosophy of this programme is to provide students with an appropriate base of relevant business knowledge and tools to promote personal development and business career advancement. Students have the opportunity to study many key areas in the business world and acquire critical skills to further their careers

MBA Marketing Basics Course:

The Mini MBA in Marketing is a self paced course, covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in a couple of hours, it will give you the tools you need to do your job better.

Marketers of all backgrounds, educational levels and nationalities, can benefit from this Mini MBA in Marketing

MBA Sales Basics Course:

This is an excellent opportunity for the managers and executives who are eager to learn sales management methods. The aim of this mini MBA programme is to provide sales management know-how to the mangers in a short-time.

MBA Management Basics Course:

In this course we focus on personnel management, personnel leadership – and on yourself as a leader.

Personnel Management and Human Resource Management focus on the management of people and the development of organizations. People are the center of any organization. People, competences, and culture along with technology, infrastructure, and so on, are at the core of all the different results that the modern organization creates.​

People are at the center of any organization. Naturally, many problems and solution models are designed to deal with people, whether as individuals, groups or the entire organization. MRM, leadership, followership, co-operation, and dialogue are all important factors of managing people in the organization. The individual and the relations between people take center stage. This subject area deals with HRM as a concept and the aspects of measuring its practical execution.

The philosophies of man, organization and society are important themes. Group processes, conflicts, relations, etc. are the factors that characterizes the everyday life of any organization. How do you manage the development of people and groups of people? How do you work with meetings, negotiations, conflicts, dialogues, managerial development, etc.?

MBA Advertising Basics Course

At its heart, advertising is communication with consumers. more specifically, advertising is nonpersonal mass communication intended to encourage potential customers to buy a company’s products or services. why advertise? for one thing, companies lose, on average, 25 percent of their customers every year. this loss creates an ongoing need to encourage new customers to buy products or services. companies spend billions of dollars and powerful advertising agencies work thousands of hours to fine-tune ad campaigns for consumers. advertising has evolved into a fine art of creating a response from people who are a company’s potential customers.

MBA Accounting Basics Course

In business, as in sports, there are winners and losers. although some businesses make a lot of money and thrive, others lose tons of money and die. so, how do you keep track of how your business is doing so you can react and take appropriate measures? you use an accounting system. the entire accounting process — from beginning to end — is called the accounting cycle. the accounting cycle has three parts: transaction: a transaction is something your business does that generates a financial impact, which is then recorded in the accounting system (a journal). the accounting equation is the foundation of the science of accounting. a day without the accounting equation is like a day without sunshine — at least it is in our certified public accountants (cpa’s) office! according to the accounting equation: assets = liabilities + owners’ equity.

Sample Course


After completing the program, participants will be able

  • To use their knowledge of markets, customers, technologies, competition and industry dynamics to develop sensible concepts and business models
  • To make a contribution to implementing strategic programs and to help drive things forward with new ideas
  • To understand marketing concepts and come up with a program to drive customer satisfaction, customer retention and for capitalizing on customer potential
  • To make a major contribution to achieving financial objectives by the competent use of profit management tools
  • To create a working environment that allows for effective, goal-oriented work and efficiency
  • To skillfully apply tools of employee management and together with others achieve ambitious business goals