Dealing with Anxiety in the Workplace


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Having an anxiety disorder can make a major impact in the workplace. People may turn down a promotion or other opportunity because it involves travel or public speaking; make excuses to get out of office parties, staff lunches, and other events or meetings with coworkers; or be unable to meet deadlines.

In a national survey on anxiety in the workplace, people with anxiety disorders commonly cited these as difficult situations: dealing with problems; setting and meeting deadlines; maintaining personal relationships; managing staff; participating in meetings, and making presentations.

Intended for:

Useful for anyone in the workplace. These training materials on, ‘Anxiety at Work’ have been designed to assist us all with achieving an understanding of what anxiety is and how it might be handled whether as a sufferer, or as the manager or colleague of a sufferer.


Training course contents:

The pressure to perform, to meet deadlines and to be seen as invincible is high. But how many of us are held back by anxiety? How many of us are afraid that others will find out about our anxiety because we fear we will be perceived as weak or unprofessional? And how many high performers are masking their anxieties in order to get by?

Businesses are realising that it’s time to create a climate where it’s ok to be anxious – even in a professional organisation.  Because as soon as this happens, the potential for improved performance and improved working relationships is immense.

These training materials have been designed to assist with achieving an understanding of what anxiety is and how it might be handled whether as a sufferer, or as the manager or colleague of a sufferer.  It’s purpose is to help remove stigma whilst getting the best out of people and improving business performance.


The main content of the training course materials…

Types of Anxiety – identifying what anxiety is and understanding what it means

Some Statistics – uncovering the facts about just how many people experience anxiety and considering how this affects productivity

A Little Bit Of Biology – breaking down the barriers to demystify anxiety and make it real

Anxiety Symptoms & Thoughts – putting anxiety into context and appreciating the implications for those that experience it

Distinguishing Anxiety from Stress & Depression – moving away from the “broad brush” of stress management towards understanding anxiety

Effects & Causes Of Anxiety – what causes anxiety and what anxiety can cause

Our Reactions To Anxiety – considering how we respond to anxiety and questioning stigma and stereotypes; evaluating some celebrities with anxiety conditions

Treatments – knowing about treatments, their pros and cons

Avoidance – understanding the strategies for coping with anxiety

What Can We Do? – looking at the business, employer, manager and employee perspective and considering the legal, cultural, commercial and moral aspects



At this end of this ‘Anxiety at Work’ training course your participants will:

  • Know what anxiety is and what it isn’t
  • Be able to discuss the impact of anxiety on colleagues, on productivity and working life
  • Know the role of the manager, employer and colleague of an anxious person – and the role of the sufferer
  • Be able to draw sensible comparisons between anxiety and physical illnesses
  • Have produced a plan to define the action to address the stigma attached to anxiety with a view to improving business performance.

The course kit includes:

  • Learner’s handbook and trainer’s guide
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Activities and exercises
  • Quizzes with solutions
  • Videos
  • eLearning files
  • Additional resources

The eLearning Version

The e-learning course materials are intended for use by people that want to make e-learning an additional part of their learning and development offering.

The e-learning is very flexible and can be added to an organisation’s intranet or learning management system, ready to be used by their employees. The benefits are huge, and you only ever pay once for the package making it extremely cost effective.

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