About Us

We are your favourite Training Materials store.

We began developing training kits to sell in 2009. We have come a long way since selling our first courses. Developing our own training materials in house and then using those materials to create training kits for those businesses that want to deliver training themselves has become a work in progress.

In the last few years, more companies were wanting to deliver training by the hour rather than the day which meant it was no longer practical to use an external trainer to deliver. Training budgets were being slashed or significantly reduce meaning less money available for training and also many of the more forward thinking companies said they wanted line managers to get more involved with training their own staff – after all who knows them better? So our training kits were the perfect solution for in house delivery… Cost effective, time effective, flexible. What more could companies want?

We hope you enjoy using our training materials and if you want any training developed bespoke for your own organisation please get in touch!